Bobcat Build

Bobcat Build | April 9th

This year they are organizing by groups of 10, and each group will have a leader for easier information transferring. Its possible that every group from River Stone will still work on the same site. Last week we told you to text us to sign up for bobcat build – but this Sunday we’ll have sign up sheets so you can sign up as a 10 person group. If you just want to sign up as an individual, we will put you in a group. If you’d like to be the leader of the group (who goes to the information meetings stated on the poster) there will be a spot for you to designate that on the sign up sheet!

Also, we’ll be on campus in the quad today

(watch our twitter page for exact time) and if you come by the tent you can sign up there!

Bobcat Build is an awesome way to get into the community and be for the city of San Marcos!