From Sunday’s Prayer Time

On Sunday, we prayed in groups for a few different things, and we wanted to post those so you can continue to be in prayer for them…

Craig Smith is a River Stoner who decided he wanted to spend his summer on a bike raising money for clean water in Africa.  You can click on the pic above for the link to the Ride:Well Tour website.  It’s a really great project.  The tour he’s on is raising awareness and trying to raise $40,000 for well projects in Africa.

We also prayed for the ongoing relief work in the Joplin area.  We are now collecting resources to be delivered to Joplin.  We have boxes available for you to take and fill up, or you can bring items with you on Sundays to put in a box.  Click on the link below to go to our blog post from last week.  E-mail us if you have any questions about that.

Finally, we took some time to pray for rain.  Our area is suffering from a horrendous drought.  The record high temperatures for this early in the season are not helping.  Let’s remember to pray fervently for rain in Hays County.  It’s impossible to overstate the importance of water in our daily lives.  There is already a chance of rain starting tomorrow, and we need to pray that in.

Thanks for being a praying church!