Family For Life Garage Sale

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There is a non-profit organization that cares for a special niche in the orphan care world.  Rob Rodriguez and his crew provide camps that re-unite siblings that have been separated by the foster care system.  When large sibling sets are in need of homes, they often have to be split up as many people would not be able to care responsibly for all the siblings together.  Once they are separated in the system, it is often difficult to keep those family ties in tact.  Family for life chases these kids down and invites them to a camp together where they have pseudo birthday parties, Christmas celebrations (special occasions likely missed due to the separation), and other special events.  These camps usually happen here in San Marcos.  You can learn more from their website about volunteer opportunities, but like most non-profits, their biggest need is funds.  Their contact information is on the site.

They are having a garage sale this Saturday, July 2nd, to raise money.  It would be great if you could go by and buy some stuff or just make a donation.  Also, if you have anything you can donate for them to sell, you can take it by 920 N. LBJ and leave it under the carport.  Everything helps.