Dinner Groups

Breaking Bread:

It’s true…when we share a meal with someone, we find out a lot more about them. At our Sunday gatherings we don’t always have a lot of time to spend with one another – especially getting to know new faces. So, we thought we’d present an opportunity to break bread in smaller settings with one another. Throughout September, you can sign up to participate in Fall Dinner Groups. Dinners will be held in October and November so you can sign up for either or both months. Groups will consist of about 6-8 adults and kids are also welcome.

If you are willing to coordinate your group’s dinner (you can host a potluck at your home, coordinate a restaurant to meet at, etc.), you can sign up to be a host. We’ll announce the groups at the end of the month, and hosts can start communicating with their groups to select a date for that month. If you have questions or want to participate, you can email Brandi Banks @ brandibanks@gmail.com, or you can sign up at the Resource Table on Sunday mornings.