Last Chance!

We have 2 opportunities approaching their deadlines:

1. As you know, we need 2 families to adopt international students (meet with once a month or so). If you are interested in spending a little time with an international student to welcome them into your home, learn from each other, and just show them some love while they are here please let us know. ( This is the last week to sign up. Here is the link to the blog post on it.

2. The last day to sign up for a dinner group is this Thursday. Here is the link to the blog post. The dinners will be in October & November. We basically wanted to give you the chance to get to know some fellow River Stoners the way Jesus got to know people, while breaking bread. If you are interested in having dinner with some people and getting to know them more – please let us know ( so we can sign you up! If you’d like to host one, let us know that as well.