Help a widow. Bring an orphan home.

The Coriell’s have been a party of the River Stone family for a couple of years, and we have been praying that entire time for the day they could bring their daughter home from China.  We’re finally close, and you can be a party of bringing Selah home.  As many of you know, fundraising for international adoption is a huge undertaking.  Nathan and Alisa have found a beautiful way to raise money…serving a widow.  Through an organization called “Both Hands,”  they are partnering to help out a widow by doing some repairs on her home.  They need team members to join them in this project who would also be willing to stand with them in prayer and fundraising.  The link above has more information about how you can help.  You can e-mail us and we will forward your information to the Coriell’s, and they will follow up with you.  We are so excited about how close they are getting, and it is a tremendous honor to serve both widows and orphans as James 1:27 instructs us.

Here is the Facebook group page as well for you to join: