5 Ukrainian Orphans

Today, 5 Ukrainian orphans will be arriving into Austin to be hosted with American families for more than a month. River Stone is the covering organization, and we have had the honor of extending the invitation to these beautiful children. Many of the adopted children in our church were adopted after first being hosted. Hosting allows families to connect with the children. Sometimes it is not the hosting family that ends up adopting the children as it is often a family who simply met the children while they were being hosted. The children are greatly blessed by escaping the orphanage for a month, and we would like to ask that you would be praying for them. This is a great avenue for them to be adopted, and we hope that it will lead to that in many cases. You might even see some of these kids around on Sunday mornings, so please also be in prayer for the families who are hosting. Finally, be in prayer for the RS Orphan Care team as they are providing support for the entire project.  It is such a great honor to visit the orphans in their affliction, and it’s an even greater honor to have them in your home. If you would like to be a part of future hosting trips or want to learn more about adoption, you can e-mail us here: info@river-stone.org , and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.