College @ River Stone Small Groups

Our hope with College @ River Stone is to build up strong men and women in their
relationship with Christ and then to send them out on the Texas State campus to
reach out to their unbelieving friends and classmates. One of the biggest ways
we hope to accomplish this is through our college small groups. We have several
different small groups that meet on Sunday nights in the homes of some of our River
Stone families at 6pm and 7pm.

This semester we are studying the book of Matthew taking a look at the life, the
ministry, and resurrection of Jesus. This isn’t a normal small group where the
leader just asks you questions that they read off a piece of paper… our desire is that
it just becomes a discussion about God’s word among friends. Each week we will
read through several chapters and then come back on Sunday and talk about what
God has shown us throughout the week. We are taking scripture and finding the
application for our everyday life.

We are starting off the year with small groups at 3 different houses.

Yarbough’s House (Girls group only) 6pm
2214 Meadow View Dr

McArthur’s House (guys and girls groups) 7pm
2005 Hearthstone Dr

Huckabee’s House (guys and girls groups) 7pm
1021 Stagecoach Trial

For the houses that have guys and girls groups, everyone will hang out for 15-20
minutes all together just for fellowship and then we will split up for our bible study.