Praying for The Warehouse Day 16

Tuesday, October16th

Sunday evening we hosted an Open House at The Warehouse where we walked through, dreamed, worshiped, and prayed that God would provide for the purchase of The Warehouse and for the ministries He’s calling us to there.  As we gathered, a bunch of people walked by.  They weren’t walking by because we were there – they were just walking by.  It was a great reminder that this location is between a transportation hub and a neighborhood. Dozens of people walk by every day.  One couple even stopped and joined our worship time under the carport.  They said over and over, “This is a good spot.”  They didn’t know, but they were confirmation to us that it is indeed a good spot.  Let’s focus our prayers today on neighbors.  Let’s ask God to bless our neighbors in Victory Gardens, and let’s pray that we would be faithful to His command to love our neighbors and love them well.