Praying for The Warehouse – Day 19


Friday, October 19th
In the past six months, we have seen the Lord provide over $200,000 for adoptions.  We have seen thousands more come in for missions, and we continue to witness how the Lord continually provides for the fulfillment of His will.  We have seen time and time again miraculous provision for things close to God’s heart.  We are convinced that the motives behind the purchase of The Warehouse are motives that are close to God’s heart.  Ministry to our community will expand His Kingdom and bless many people, but financially we still have a lot of ground to cover for this opportunity to become a reality for us.

We have two weeks from today to raise the additional $80,000 that we need.  It seems as though many people are waiting until the last minute, and we’d like to ask you to pray that God would move in the hearts of those that are being called to give but haven’t yet.  It’s going to take all of us to be able to see the visions for The Warehouse come to fruition.  Please join us in praying today for the money.

More info about the money is available in our “The Warehouse” publication available at: We don’t take asking for money lightly, but we are not afraid to talk about how the Bible talks about money, and we are not afraid to ask for money to fund the Kingdom work that God has called us to.  Thank you for your prayers of faith.  Let’s praise Him for this opportunity to trust Him.