Creativity in Action

Look around.  God is an artist.  He created out of love with a desire to share Himself with others.  Everywhere we look, we see something that He created.  He used color, texture, scents and sounds to awaken us to His creativity.  When we create, we are mirroring what our Father has done for us.

Art has power to it.  A song, a painting, a poem all have the ability to quicken your conscience to the reality of God.

For the last seven days, some artists from the River Stone family have labored through an experience called 7in7.  The challenge was to create 7 unique, original, and new pieces of art in 7 days.  For the artists out there, this isn’t usually how it works.  It may take days, weeks, or months to finish something.  To finish one a day is not normal.  The challenge is to add discipline to the art in order to create more consistently.  It makes you better as an artist.

When we started talking about participating in 7in7, our prayer was that God would birth something in us for the Church.  We asked for songs that we could sing together and work that would build up the Body of Christ.  We would like to invite you into what we created.  The pages of our participants are listed below.  We would like to encourage you to comment.  There’s nothing more humbling that writing something and sharing it with other people – especially a recording of what you’ve created in a less than professional environment.  As you listen, don’t listen to the quality of the recording, listen to the heart of the creation.  If it speaks to you, let the creator of the work know.  We wrote these for you. We’re planning a 7in7 concert in the very near future.  We’d love for you to come and hear some of these in person.  Thanks for reading/listening.

Billy Wells

John Wheelock

Ryan Damron

Garrett Moore

Jason Bollinger

PS – if you participated in 7in7 and we left you out of the list, let us know, we’ll update it.