New KidsRock Director


Ryan & Lisa Damron have been a big part of different River Stone ministries for many years.  Most recently Ryan has served as our Director of Community Outreach.  The work in the area of community outreach has been with our Mission San Marcos emphasis, and he has done an amazing job ministering to kids and families through these different programs.  Amelia Glasby has served as our part time KidsRock Director for the last year in addition to teaching full time and pursuing a master’s degree.  She has recently decided that it is best if she steps down from her KidsRock responsibilities.  We love Amelia and are grateful for the work she has done with our kids.  The RS Leadership Team has decided to combine the responsibilities of the Community Outreach Director and the KidsRock Director into the one position.  Ryan has begun serving in that role already.  Effective immediately, Ryan is responsible for everything KidsRock.  If you would like to work with children during the week or on Sundays, please let him know (  He’s recruiting and training new leaders as we speak.  Also, if you have any questions about our ministries to children, just let him know.  It is a very exciting time for the children of River Stone, and we are thrilled to have Ryan leading the charge.