1 Mentor’s Experience

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One thing we have learned in every mentoring relationship is that consistency is key. Here is a cool story from one of the school-based mentors named Michelle who shared with us her experience of meeting up with a 1st grade student each week:

Week 1- January 24th:

“…She was really quiet and either just nodded or said a one word answer, but I figured that was because she didn’t know me yet, and she was still shy and kind of getting used to me…”

Week 2- January 31st:

“…She was much more open and talked more. She talked about a little more besides just me asking her questions. She still wasn’t super chatty, but again, I think that is only going to come with time…”

A few weeks later:

“I just wanted to let you know that things are going really well!!! I think she’s definitely getting more comfortable around me and getting more used to me. I go on Thursday’s usually, and so last Thursday was Valentine’s Day! She ran up to me as soon as she saw me there and told me Happy Valentines Day, and I asked her if she’d be my valentine and she got super happy!!
…She seemed pretty excited when I told her I’d be coming to see her two times a week!!
She has also been a lot more friendly and talkative. She brings conversation up more on her own now, and she’s been including me in conversations with other kids at the breakfast table, and I’m not going to lie, it kind of makes my entire Thursday better getting to see her. Thanks so much for this opportunity!!! I’m loving it!!!”

MSM Mentor