Heavy Burdens

River Stone,

Last week was a tough week for several families at Travis Elementary. We were notified by several teachers with tears in their eyes that certain families are going through some very painful issues. I saw some of the kids from these families this week and they just looked sad. Even over the weekend I saw some teachers who told me that certain kids had a very emotionally difficult week. The general mood in the school has seemed to be grumpy and down. This kind of attitude is contagious among adults as well as children.

For many of us, myself included, this is the time in the semester when we start to feel bogged down by our busy schedules. It’s true that life is hard at times and being Christ followers does not make us immune to bad moods or heavy burdens. But what our Savior does promise us it that we will never have to bear those burdens on our own.

The good news of the Gospel is that we do not have to go through life on Earth alone. Jesus tells us he will be with us always. Let us press on toward the goal knowing that we are empowered by the Spirit of our resurrected Savior! Let us bear one another’s burdens as we humbly allow others to help us bear our own. Let us not forget that there is a hurting city right across the street that is longing for help to bear their burdens. And let us not neglect the preaching of the good news of Jesus to all who are weary.

Please remember all of the Travis Elementary kids and their families in your prayers. Remember that these families are our neighbors and ask The Lord to give peace and healing this week. Ask The Lord how he wants to use you to bear someone else’s burden and don’t be afraid to ask a brother or sister for help.

Ryan Damron