The Jesus Storybook Bible


The Jesus Storybook Bible is what we use at River Stone for our KidsRock curriculum. It is also what we use in our KidsRock Club after school program. This is a great resource for families to read through together and right now it is available on amazon for a super low price: $1.99 for the kindle edition. Amazon Link

You don’t have to have a kindle for this to be useful. If you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can download the kindle app for free and then you can have the Jesus Storybook Bible with you wherever you go.

We wanted to make this deal known to you because we think it is a truly valuable resource that shows the glory of God in Jesus throughout its pages, not only for kids, but for adults as well. Links: JSB Websiteabout the Jesus Storybook Bible.

Watch this video to get a feel for the book. This is the story of Jesus’ Resurrection titled God’s Wonderful Surprise: