Mentoring Story


Just wanted to share this short testimony from a current mentor at Travis Elementary School, Megan Seely:

“It has been a blessing so far getting to know my Little Buddy and see how she operates. It’s taking me back to when I was in elementary school because I was just as shy as she is. The best part of my day is when I get to go visit her, every time I show up she has such a touching twinkle in her eyes with a huge smile. She never fails to make me smile. This mentoring program is amazing and God is doing big things through this.”

God truly is doing great things in the lives of the mentors, kids, and families in San Marcos. If you want to join us in praying, here are some specific ways you can:

  • Pray for the mentors as they continue to meet up every single week with the child they are mentoring. Pray for deeper relationships and trust to be built between the mentors and students.
  • Pray for this time of transition as we seek to connect with more families of the kid’s being mentored.
  • Pray for the teachers at Travis and Hernandez Elementary, administration, students, and their families.