Beanie Sunday (pray for Garrett)


For the past several weeks we’ve been asking you to pray for Garrett’s upcoming surgery to remove a pituitary tumor from in front of his brain.  He’s been in Houston this week for pre-op procedures.  One of those procedures was to mark up his head as a prep for the surgery.  He will be wearing a beanie on Sunday because of those markings.  We have decided to make this Sunday, BEANIE SUNDAY!  If you have a beanie, why don’t you wear it?  If you don’t have a beanie, wear another hat in support of Garrett.  We will be praying over him to ask God’s blessing over the procedure happening Monday morning. Would you help us spread the word?  This will be a visible sign of our praying in one accord over our brother?  It’s going to be a very special time.  See you Sunday in your beanie!