Proverbs: The Call of Wisdom


For the Winter & Spring of 2014 we are going to be studying the book of Proverbs on Sundays.  Proverbs is a beautiful book of Hebrew wisdom and poetry. It was written mostly by King Solomon, the wisest man to ever live.  This book is incredibly relevant to us, especially since we are such a young church.  Solomon wrote most of these to his son to instruct him.  Proverbs 1 says this is for the young who need knowledge and discernment and for the old to increase in knowledge in wisdom. It’s also for the old who act like they’re young, or the young who act like they’re old.  It’s for everyone!

Throughout the course of this series, we will be discussing some of life’s most pressing issues. We will cover wisdom, righteousness, parenting, relationships, friendship, marital faithfulness, fear, heart issues, money, sex, and much more. All of our Proverbs sermons will be posted to our website.  If you have any questions or testimonies about how God has used this series to encourage, convict, or inspire you, we would love to hear about it. Also, we appreciate your prayers over our Sunday Worship Gatherings as we gather together to respond corporately to the call of wisdom.

The photo that serves as the backdrop for our series is a picture from Oxford, England, which has long represented quality education.  Some great heroes of the faith and theologians have spent time here studying, teaching, and walking these streets.  It is a place where wisdom has been passed down through many generations.  In the Proverbs Introduction, we talked about Jesus where all wisdom is completed and found.  Without walking through the door of Jesus, the call of Wisdom will always be incomplete.