RS 40 Days of Prayer

River Stone Community Church
40 Days of Earnest Prayer * March 5 – April 13, 2014 

photo courtesy of Andy Heatwole (

photo courtesy of Andy Heatwole (

“So Peter was kept in prison, but earnest prayer for him
was made to God by the church.” -Acts 12:5, ESV

The idea for our 40 days of prayer comes from this verse in Acts.  The church was moved to earnestly pray for Peter.  As a result of their praying, supernatural things happened that even surprised them.  It is good for our church to earnestly pray in this way.  We will be led through our 40 days of earnest praying by “Seek God for the City” which includes praying for the Kingdom to come to the city and the world. It also includes praying for each other.

This 40 day experience will draw us near to God and near to each other as we pray together.

Seek God for the City (Prayer Guide)

Testimony/Community Building

  • Give testimonies on our RS Facebook Page and use #earnestprayer
  • Tweet testimonies using #earnestprayer
  • Leave comments on the RS blog (
  • E-mail testimonies to to share with the church family.

Prayer-gathering each Sunday at 1pm

  • We will meet weekly after Sunday Worship for about an hour to celebrate and pray together about what God has been leading us in. (locations TBA)

Focused Sunday Prayer

  • The Prayer Guide gives us focused areas to pray for, and we will include various themes in our Sunday Worship Gatherings to stay consistent.

Consider Fasting

  • Fasting is a spiritual discipline that allows us to  draw closer to God.  Consider giving up something during the 40 days that would allow you to focus more time with God. Examples could be fasting one meal per day,  fasting one day per week, fasting from certain types of food, fasting from things such as social media, television, etc.  The point of fasting is not what you’re giving up, but what you are gaining. You are gaining a feast on God. Would you pray about what you could do without to gain more of God?