About River Stone Community Church

River Stone Community Church is a group of people and not a place. We are people of different backgrounds, different ages, different life stages, and different spiritual levels. We believe in diversity, and we believe that we are better together than we are apart. We believe that we learn best in community, and "doing life together" is something that we believe in and live out on a weekly basis. Most importantly, we are imperfect people dependent upon a perfect God to provide for us what we can not provide on our own: salvation! By His grace we are forgiven, and by believing in Him and studying His Word together, we are being transformed to be more like Him. We are not a perfect church, and we are not perfect people. However, we are a great place to be honest about where you are in your life and receive the help and direction you need to grow in your faith. We want to be a church that does not see color but celebrates diversity. God is a creative God, and He created us diversely. Diversity is not something that should separate Christians, but something that Christians celebrate.

Jaime is Headed to China!

Here are a few words from Jaime Paquette on how we can be praying for her as she heads to China to teach for two years.  We’ll be praying over Jaime and her trip on Sunday, August 3.  We hope you can join us!

What I am doing:
On August 4th I will be flying out to Yantai, China to join OES at Yantai American School teaching Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus (one student) and Chemistry.

How you can pray for me:
Connecting to my new community
Handling teaching 4 subjects and my first year of teaching
Dealing with culture shock

You can follow my blog at:
You can add me on Skype.
You can add me on Facebook. Username: Jaime Victoria Paquette

Mission San Marcos Update

Mission San Marcos wrapped up the first half of the Summer Day Camp program on Thursday, July 10th. The first four weeks of the program presented great opportunities to be involved in the lives of the campers and to grow with them.

During the past four weeks, Mission San Marcos has served 39 different children! The majority of these campers were present for the Mid-Summer Party on Thursday. They participated in a scavenger hunt that included collecting items from the field, making a craft, having a dance competition, and coloring a poster. Once they completed their scavenger hunt, the group enjoyed popsicles and hanging out with each other. Some of the campers even took to the field for a game of football!

Mission San Marcos will be taking a break from Day Camp July 14th-18th, but will be back for the second half of the summer on July 21st! The camp will continue to run Monday-Thursday from 10:00 AM-11:30 AM until August 21st. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with the Day Camp program, please contact Emily Barber, Director of Youth Programs, at emily@missionsm.org.


Have you been wondering where you can serve at River Stone?

Historically we have referred to River Stone as a “nomadic church”. We will meet anywhere we can fit and have met in more places than I can remember. We once met outside of Travis because it was locked!

Being nomadic has its ups and downs. We have never owned a building, so we have never had to go into debt or raise huge amounts of money (though we tried that once). This gives us opportunity to invest our money into more Kingdom things like missions and spreading the love of Christ in our city.

The downside of a church of nomads is that we never get to leave our meeting place “lived in”. In other words, while it’s ok to leave some dirty laundry on the floor in your own house, it is certainly frowned upon if you leave it on someone else’s floor.

Every week there is a list of duties that must be done by someone. These duties usually fall on the band, the sound person, or whoever is preaching that week. While these folks complete these tasks cheerfully, they can add up and become burdensome.

So, we are asking for your help! Our list is too long for one person to do on their own, but if each person does one thing, our Sunday mornings will be much more productive. If you want to volunteer to do one thing please email Ryan@river-stone.org or just show up at Travis at 7:30 AM on Sunday morning and ask us what is needed. If 7:30 is too early for you, stick around afterward to see how you can help us tear down. We don’t want to leave our laundry on Travis’ floor!

Needs include:

-Stage/Sound setup
-Chair setup
-Nursery/KidsRock setup
-Table setup (communion, coffee, “The Table”)
-Coffee brewing
-Sound board management (We are willing to teach)
-ProPresenter management (Also willing to teach)
-Musicians (Anyone play Cello?)
-KidsRock & Nursery Volunteers (Fill out a background check)

Mission San Marcos Update


Mission San Marcos wrapped up the first week of day camp at Regency Mobile Home Park this past Thursday. The week started off slow with only a few campers, but it was a great opportunity for the summer staff to get to know the kids and find out what their expectations were for the summer!

On the second day, the number of campers tripled and the staff shared the story of the birth of Christ. Campers will continue learning about the life of Jesus through weekly Bible stories, which will be shared every Tuesday.

Wednesday saw the highest attendance of the week with 20 campers. The big group allowed for big fun, but also highlighted the need for volunteers. With campers ranging in age from five to fifteen, it was a challenge keeping everyone entertained. Additional volunteers could enable the campers to break up into age groups and could also provide extra support for the growing numbers of kids.

The week wrapped up on Thursday with crafts. The campers had a great time creating their own personalized pennants, which they got to take home at the end of the day. Thursday we had help from two volunteers, Hannah and Erin, and they were a HUGE help to us!

Before leaving, the staff reminded everyone we would meet again on Monday. Many of the campers expressed their desire to see us on Fridays and even on the weekends. This is great encouragement and motivation for the remaining eight weeks!

Mission San Marcos is still in need of volunteers. If you are in need of volunteer hours, have a heart for serving kids, or simply have free time on your hands, we would love to have you! Please email Emily Barber, Director of Youth Programs, at emily@missionsm.org if you would like to begin volunteering.

TSIE Conversation Partner Program

20140617-095606-35766861.jpgThe ESL program on the Texas State campus, (where most of our strong relationships with internationals started) is looking for six Conversation Partners to meet with students this summer. All it takes to be a Conversation Partner is that you be a native English speaker (preferably a Texas State student or recent graduate) willing to meet at an agreed upon location for an hour or two, once a week.

If you are interested, please review the guidelines listed here and then apply to be matched with one of the English-learning international students online here: TSIE Conversation Partner Application.

You can turn in the completed application to Lisa Damron at the beginning or end of the Sunday gathering, or you can return it to the TSIE office, which is at the Thornton International House on the corner of W. Woods street and North street.

If you have any questions, please email Lisa Damron, lisadamron@txstate.edu.

Mission San Marcos Update


Mission San Marcos will kick off its 2014 Summer Day Camp on June 16th. Each week, the Mission San Marcos summer staff will be at San Marcos Regency from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The youth in the neighborhood will have opportunities to engage in summer camp activities such as games, arts and crafts, and learning about the Bible. These activities will help youth learn to work as a team, gain leadership skills, engage in physical activity, and develop their identities in Christ.
While a couple hours of games and activities may not seem like much, a study conducted by the American Camp Association (2005) has shown that such experiences can contribute to:

· Confidence and self-esteem

· Social skills and making friends

· Independence and leadership qualities

· Willingness to try and adventurousness

· Spiritual growth

These qualities are important for the health and wellbeing of us all, but are especially vital for the children in our community! While many kids in other places get these opportunities, many of our less fortunate neighbors do not, so we are bringing this opportunity to Regency free of charge for all kids. Plus, through partnership with the school district, lunch will be delivered for each camper to close out each day. This summer could be an opportunity for YOU to help impact the lives of these children and their families in San Marcos. If you would like to be a part of these efforts, please prayerfully consider supporting us financially and giving online at https://linksusa.cloverdonations.com/msm

Mission San Marcos is also looking for volunteers to engage in supportive, meaningful relationships with the youth and their families. We will work around your schedule to ensure you have the chance to contribute to this cause. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Emily Barber at ew1170@txstate.edu.

We would love it if you could pray for us this summer! Please pray that the Lord will provide children and families to serve and that he will be equipping staff and volunteers to serve them in the most meaningful ways possible. Additionally, be praying for the financial provision we need to make it all happen!