ESV Online

At River Stone we trust the ESV translation for all of our study and teaching. You can find endorsements and the ESV translation philosophy HERE. With the ESV bible online you can make notes, highlights, use copy/paste and social media sharing, and have quick verse to verse reference. There is also a very helpful search for keywords and themes. If you have an ESV Study Bible you will gain access to all the Study Notes, Maps, Book Introductions and other Resources.

Life Journal

The Life Journal is a yearly bible reading plan and journaling tool designed to help us to be in the Word every day as a community. Life Journals are available at the River Stone resource table every Sunday for $7 and Life Journal Bible Bookmarks are available for free. The reading plan takes you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice every year, using a combination of OT, Psalms, and NT readings that usually coincide with each other.

Destiny Calls

Norman and Grace Barnes have been a vital part of the growth and foundation of River Stone since our early years. This book is their story of faith and an encouragement for how to live out yours. It is available on Sunday mornings at the resource table.

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