Have you been wondering where you can serve at River Stone?

Historically we have referred to River Stone as a “nomadic church”. We will meet anywhere we can fit and have met in more places than I can remember. We once met outside of Travis because it was locked!

Being nomadic has its ups and downs. We have never owned a building, so we have never had to go into debt or raise huge amounts of money (though we tried that once). This gives us opportunity to invest our money into more Kingdom things like missions and spreading the love of Christ in our city.

The downside of a church of nomads is that we never get to leave our meeting place “lived in”. In other words, while it’s ok to leave some dirty laundry on the floor in your own house, it is certainly frowned upon if you leave it on someone else’s floor.

Every week there is a list of duties that must be done by someone. These duties usually fall on the band, the sound person, or whoever is preaching that week. While these folks complete these tasks cheerfully, they can add up and become burdensome.

So, we are asking for your help! Our list is too long for one person to do on their own, but if each person does one thing, our Sunday mornings will be much more productive. If you want to volunteer to do one thing please email Ryan@river-stone.org or just show up at Travis at 7:30 AM on Sunday morning and ask us what is needed. If 7:30 is too early for you, stick around afterward to see how you can help us tear down. We don’t want to leave our laundry on Travis’ floor!

Needs include:

-Stage/Sound setup
-Chair setup
-Nursery/KidsRock setup
-Table setup (communion, coffee, “The Table”)
-Coffee brewing
-Sound board management (We are willing to teach)
-ProPresenter management (Also willing to teach)
-Musicians (Anyone play Cello?)
-KidsRock & Nursery Volunteers (Fill out a background check)

Beanie Sunday (pray for Garrett)


For the past several weeks we’ve been asking you to pray for Garrett’s upcoming surgery to remove a pituitary tumor from in front of his brain.  He’s been in Houston this week for pre-op procedures.  One of those procedures was to mark up his head as a prep for the surgery.  He will be wearing a beanie on Sunday because of those markings.  We have decided to make this Sunday, BEANIE SUNDAY!  If you have a beanie, why don’t you wear it?  If you don’t have a beanie, wear another hat in support of Garrett.  We will be praying over him to ask God’s blessing over the procedure happening Monday morning. Would you help us spread the word?  This will be a visible sign of our praying in one accord over our brother?  It’s going to be a very special time.  See you Sunday in your beanie!


Welcome Back, Bobcats

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 11.54.53 PM

It’s been quiet for too long in San Marcos.  We are ready for the chaos that comes with 36,000+ college students descending on our city.  We hope everyone had a great break, and we’re excited to see you!

We will worship at Travis Elementary this Sunday (1/12/14) at 10:30am.

We would also like to invite all of our River Stone Bobcats to dinner Tuesday night at 6pm at Brewster’s Pizza.

Brewster's 1-14-14Let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to connecting with you soon!

This Sunday at Travis!


Our Worship Gatherings will resume this Sunday (1/5/14) at 10:30am at Travis Elementary. We are excited to worship together to usher in 2014.  We could use some help setting up at 7:30am.  If you’re available, please let us know (info@river-stone.org or 512.761.7722), and we’ll get back with you with some more info about how you can help out.  Please spread the word.  It’s going to be a great day!

1st Tuesday Prayer

Prayer Night

1st Tuesdays is a time we set aside to pray together for our church, for the campus, for the city, for the world, and for each other.  We will be meeting tomorrow evening at 6:30pm for Prayer Night.  We will start right at 6:30pm.  Tomorrow we will be meeting at Travis Elementary.  We will meet you by the front door with further instructions.  If you need prayer and are not able to come, please e-mail (info@river-stone.org) or text (512.761.7722) us your requests.

KidsRock Community

Back to school blessing for KidsRock!

KidsRock blessing!

Summers are usually a slow time for River Stone. Most of the college students have gone home or have gone to the ends of the earth to share the gospel, and any given family can be gone on vacation on any given week. The summer of 2013 was typical and, as a result, our KidsRock ministry was also much slower than usual.

During the school year last year, we separated the kids by grade level into three different classes and would sometimes have 30+ kids. However, we averaged about 5 kids each week this summer. At first this was a discouragement but as the summer went on, I started to realize that the kids don’t seem to mind this at all. In fact, a lot of them are coming out of their shells, growing in their knowledge of the gospel, and interacting more with their friends. This was starting to look like real community!

Yesterday (August 25th) was the last KidsRock of the summer. I expected it to be a normal, uneventful day. And since the guy who was supposed to help me had to cancel unexpectedly, I expected to be the only teacher. But when I was standing at the KidsRock table, greeting people as they came in, the guy who had previously cancelled walked through the door looking as excited as ever and said “I CAN HELP!” What a breath of fresh air! A few minutes later, one of our KidsRock girls walked up holding the hand of a returning college student who taught in one of our classes last year. “Can she come with us today?” How could I say no?

The community that had been growing in these kids all summer long was evident as soon as we got into our classroom. In our opening conversation, I laughed more than I have in a long time. The kids actually led most of the discussion and ice breaker questions! There was definitely a freedom in the air. They had so many questions for the other two leaders. “How was your summer? How old are you? What’s your favorite animal?” It was incredible to see the kids acting so hospitable. Later on at the request of the kids, we taught our new friends a gospel poem that we have been working on. And then we taught them our memory verse complete with motions that the kids acted out with extra emphasis.

When we finished our lesson, I was trying to lead a discussion but the kids were buzzing with excitement. I was racking my brain to think of a real zinger of a question to ask when a little girl cut her leg and started bleeding. The kids quickly turned their attention to the girl as our female leader got up quickly to help her wash it off. Annoyed at first by this distraction, I quickly realized that maybe it’s more important right now that the rest of the kids care more about loving their neighbor than talking about our lesson. Maybe their childlike faith is not letting them dive into another one of Mr. Ryan’s “brilliant” analogies because they see their sister in need. Maybe I have more to learn from them than they have to learn from me.

Before the girl’s leg was fully cleaned, I had to leave to play bass in the worship band and left the other two teachers in charge. I did not see the other teachers after the service but today I got an email from our female teacher saying that the kids all had great things to say about the lesson. When taking prayer requests, they immediately wanted to pray for the little girl’s leg.

Yesterday was the most community I have ever seen in KidsRock. With only 6 kids and some new leaders, God proved that this is his church from the oldest to the youngest. These kids don’t need bells and whistles. They don’t need classes packed full of children. They don’t even need “brilliant” illustrations or drawn out discussions about the bible. They just need Jesus. They proved that yesterday and showed me that children have the capacity to have genuine, biblical community the same way adults do.

Please be praying for our children as you pray for our church. There has been much freedom in River Stone and our children’s ministry is no exception. I pray that this is only the beginning of a lifetime of faith and biblical community for all of our KidsRock kids.


Mr. Ryan


On Sunday morning we had the delight of experiencing a divine change of plans.  Something special was happening during worship, and you could feel the Spirit moving.  There was a growing sense that God wanted to overwhelm us.  I’ve been a part of a lot of different worship gatherings in a lot of different places, and I’ve never experienced what we saw on Sunday.

When I got up to preach, it was clear that we were in a moment that we weren’t supposed to rush out of.  I asked everyone to bow their heads while I tried to get my head and heart around what was supposed to happen next.  As heads were bowing, I looked up to see a young man walking up to the stage.  He walked up to me with his Bible open.  At first I thought maybe he had a word to share or something he wanted to say.  After a few moments, he said, “I think you’re supposed to pray for me.”  He went on to explain that he was born nearly blind and that he wanted to be able to see.  This was clearly something we were supposed to do, and it was exciting to see how the Lord worked it out.

I asked Brian to join me so we could talk through the logistics of how this should happen.  We didn’t get the sense that it was just us that were supposed to pray.  We decided to invite anyone who believed that God wanted to heal Isaac and felt like they were supposed to pray for him to join us over to the side to lay hands on him.

I was again overwhelmed by the number of people who left their seat to go demonstrate the love of God through the laying on of hands.  It was a beautiful moment.  The prayer time grew and escalated and took over for 10-15 minutes.  Prayers of faith and words of encouragment rang out.  It was clear that this was the moment we were not supposed to rush out of.

Three days later, I’m in awe of the faith and courage it took for Isaac to come and ask for prayer as boldly as he did.  It also took a lot of faith and courage for the saints to gather around to pray as quickly and strongly as they did.  Overwhelmed just seems to be the right word.

My prayer is that we would be open to the Spirit changing our plans as much as He wants to.  My prayer is that we would continue to have experiences of worship that continue to demonstrate the closeness, power, and reality of Jesus.  My prayer is that we would come expectant and prayed up in anticipation of what God can do when His people gather in His name.

Please keep praying for Isaac’s healing.  Please keep praying that we would continue to be overwhelmed by the power and presence of God in our corporate Worship Gatherings.  It was such a blessing to experience this with you all.  Thank you for your patience and availability as we continue to become the church that God wants us to be.

Jason Bollinger