Have you been wondering where you can serve at River Stone?

Historically we have referred to River Stone as a “nomadic church”. We will meet anywhere we can fit and have met in more places than I can remember. We once met outside of Travis because it was locked!

Being nomadic has its ups and downs. We have never owned a building, so we have never had to go into debt or raise huge amounts of money (though we tried that once). This gives us opportunity to invest our money into more Kingdom things like missions and spreading the love of Christ in our city.

The downside of a church of nomads is that we never get to leave our meeting place “lived in”. In other words, while it’s ok to leave some dirty laundry on the floor in your own house, it is certainly frowned upon if you leave it on someone else’s floor.

Every week there is a list of duties that must be done by someone. These duties usually fall on the band, the sound person, or whoever is preaching that week. While these folks complete these tasks cheerfully, they can add up and become burdensome.

So, we are asking for your help! Our list is too long for one person to do on their own, but if each person does one thing, our Sunday mornings will be much more productive. If you want to volunteer to do one thing please email Ryan@river-stone.org or just show up at Travis at 7:30 AM on Sunday morning and ask us what is needed. If 7:30 is too early for you, stick around afterward to see how you can help us tear down. We don’t want to leave our laundry on Travis’ floor!

Needs include:

-Stage/Sound setup
-Chair setup
-Nursery/KidsRock setup
-Table setup (communion, coffee, “The Table”)
-Coffee brewing
-Sound board management (We are willing to teach)
-ProPresenter management (Also willing to teach)
-Musicians (Anyone play Cello?)
-KidsRock & Nursery Volunteers (Fill out a background check)